Urban Native Girl Series 1

  • Documentary

In season one of Urban Native Girl we meet and come to understand the struggles and hopes of Lisa Charleyboy, a fashionista, entrepreneur and urban Indigenous innovator. After years of slogging through both the fashion and journalism world - and being told that glamour and Aboriginal don’t mix. Lisa sets out to transform her small online blog into a glossy print magazine, in the hopes of launching an international brand.


1. Is Print Really Dead?


In the pilot episode we meet Lisa as she takes her dream to industry insiders and asks if there is a place for an urban native magazine as the print industry is retracting. This episode features interviews with Shelley Ambrose from The Walrus, Jamie Monastyrski from Spirit Magazine and Lorraine Zander from Faze Magazine.

2. Clock's Ticking


It’s the feature spread photo shoot and everyone’s late and falling behind. Can Lisa pull it together or is her business off to a bumpy start? This episode features Dene designer Sage Paul, photographer Keesic Douglas and rising star models Logan Staats, Brendt Diabo and Jayli Wolf.