Hit the Ice Series 1

  • Documentary, Reality, Sports

This series sees dreams come true as the best young hockey players from across Canada come together for a 2-week NHL-like training camp. From physical training, on ice drills and different team building activities, the 20 prospects will grow, not only as a team but also as men. The players are working towards the ultimate test; to showcase their game skills for the scrutinizing eyes of real life junior scouts.


1. The Assessement


John travels to the 2012 National Aboriginal Hockey Championships in Saskatoon and begins his scouting process. He hopes to find the best Aboriginal talent for a hockey camp in Gatineau. With more than two hundred players to choose from, picking the top fifteen will prove to be a challenge.

2. The Arrival and Introductions


All the different players arrive in the Gatineau area. Not sure what to expect, the players are immediately thrust into the Hit The Ice experience and specifically the rigours of an elite hockey development program. For the coaching staff it’s important that everyone understands from the get go what is expected.